How can I become infected by toxoplasma?
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In the Czech Republic, the currently most common sources of infection are gloveless gardening and the consumption of raw, insufficiently washed vegetables (carrot, radishes). Oocysts may also be contained in the soil that your cat or dog brings to your house on their paws and in their fur. In many countries, the consumption of raw or semi‑raw meat is an important source of infection. However, this is not true for the Czech Republic because the infected meat doesn’t usually come from industrial production. It is often domestic production meat or game that contains the parasite, in which case you can become infected simply by manipulating with the meat or from vegetables cut on a cutting board that had previously been used for the meat. You can eliminate tissue cysts in any meat by heating it for 10 minutes at a minimum temperature of 65°C or by freezing the meat for a few days at a temperature of at least -18°C and possibly even by long‑term freezing at slightly above‑zero temperatures. Toxoplasma can also be transmitted through infected organ transplants. There are also many countries where poorly treated drinking water or unpasteurized goats’ or sheep’s milk is a significant source of infection. Some data suggest that toxoplasma may also be transmitted during unprotected sexual intercourse, which is why it is advisable to avoid this form of sex during pregnancy.


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