Is it true that toxoplasmosis alters the psyche and behaviour of infected individuals?
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Yes, it does. People infected with toxoplasma tend to be less tidy, reliable and don’t seek new stimuli that much. While infected women are friendlier and more sociable, infected men tend to be less sociable and more introverted. Infected men are distrustful, infected women, on the other hand, more trusting. Infected men don’t like following rules and social norms, infected women have a contrary tendency. With time, most of these behavioural changes intensify. But it should also be emphasised that the changes brought about by toxoplasmosis are small rather than significant. Either way, it is impossible to tell whether a person is infected based on their personality traits. That said, if there were two groups of 30 infected and 30 uninfected people and you asked them to complete a psychological questionnaire, you’d most probably be able to tell which group is which based on the results.


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