My laboratory tests show presence of positive IgM antibodies in my blood? Does that mean that I suffer from acute toxoplasmosis?
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It may and may not be the case. To determine the exact phase of your disease, you need to know the results of all the laboratory markers (IgG, IgA, CFT/IIFR, IgG avidity, …) and it’s often necessary to have your blood taken repeatedly. The blood test results must always be interpreted by a professional—an infectious disease specialist or a diagnostician—experienced in the field. The results of your repeated blood tests allow them for example to determine whether antibody levels in your blood are rising or falling over time. To those residing in the Czech Republic, we recommend that they contact doctor Markéta Geleneky from the Infectious diseases clinic of the Prague hospital Na Bulovce or doctor Petr Kodym from the National Reference Laboratory for Toxoplasmosis in Prague.


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