My results show toxoplasma antibodies in my blood—should I be treated?
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There’s a 99% chance that you have the latent form of toxoplasmosis, meaning that you have a dormant parasite in your body and low or medium IgG antibody levels in your blood. It is not necessary nor possible to treat latent toxoplasmosis. If your antibody levels are suspiciously high, and especially if they include IgM and IgA antibodies, you may be suffering from acute toxoplasmosis, in which case high‑risk patients (weakened immune system function, organ damage, pregnancy) should be treated. Needless to say, only a specialist can determine whether you really do suffer from acute toxoplasmosis and should start with a treatment or not. Pregnant women who have been diagnosed with acute toxoplasmosis (e.g. during a check-up test) should definitely be treated. Keep in mind that toxoplasmosis can’t be treated with regular antibiotics against bacteria nor antiviral drugs. Instead, specialised medicines are used (spiramycin if necessary and only from the 16‑18th week of pregnancy, combination of sulfadiazine and pyrimethamine accompanied by folinic acid, or clindamycin with pyrimethamine).


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