Where can I get tested on toxoplasmosis?
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Toxoplasmosis test is a blood test that can be carried out in most diagnostic microbiology or parasitology laboratories. The test can be ordered by any GP, gynaecologist or infectious disease specialist, but they’re usually reluctant to do that based solely on the patient’s wish, when there’s no particular reason for the test. Such reasons include for example clinical symptoms of toxoplasmosis like swollen glands on the neck or under the jaw accompanied by symptoms similar to those of flu (especially during pregnancy). If it’s your doctor who orders the test, the costs will be covered by your health insurance company. In the Czech Republic, the diagnostic laboratory may charge more than 1,000 CZK per test depending on its price tariff. Private laboratories tend to ask private patients to pay at least half that price. The Prague laboratory led by professor Flegr, who works at the Faculty of Science of Charles University, organises free toxoplasmosis testing several times a year. It is intended primarily for the followers of the Pokusní králíci (meaning “guinea pigs”) website (pokusnikralici.cz). If you’re interested in getting yourself tested on toxoplasmosis, we can carry out the test after you’ve delivered a sample of your blood serum to our laboratory.
The vast majority of results are serologically negative or show low levels of toxoplasma antibodies, characteristic for latent form of toxoplasmosis. If the results of this “research” test fail to exclude for instance acute phase of toxoplasmosis, they must be confirmed by a thorough non‑anonymous “diagnostic” testing carried out by a specialized laboratory before drawing any conclusions. An infectious disease specialist then makes a diagnosis based on your results and clinical symptoms.


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