Is it good to know if I am infected with toxoplasma?
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If you are a woman and you plan on having children in the future, then definitely yes. Knowing that you’re already infected and have toxoplasma antibodies in your blood means that you don’t have to worry about becoming infected during pregnancy and about your baby consequently developing congenial toxoplasmosis. The results of a pre‑pregnancy test on toxoplasmosis help your doctor to better decide on the right treatment for you as opposed to if they found out about the antibodies in your system only during the pregnancy. That’s because sometimes it’s hard to tell whether the mother‑to‑be had been infected before the pregnancy or whether the infection is recent and can endanger her baby. In such cases, the test should be repeated after an interval of a few weeks. That said, in the case of a newly acquired infection, it is imperative that you start the treatment immediately. If your pre‑pregnancy test results were negative, you should avoid all potential sources of infection during pregnancy and request toxoplasmosis test if you notice any suspicious symptoms (swollen glands on the neck or under the jaw). It is advisable, and in some countries even compulsory, that uninfected women repeat the blood tests several times during their pregnancy. For male patients, knowing whether they’re infected isn’t that important. But it can help them decide how strictly they should avoid potential infection sources.


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