What are the risks of toxoplasmosis during pregnancy?
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Long‑term (lifelong) toxoplasma infection, the so called latent toxoplasmosis, isn’t dangerous even during pregnancy. Only a recent infection, acquired during the pregnancy or shortly before it, is. In such case, there’s a risk that the infection may transmit to the developing foetus and cause it serious damage. In the first trimester, the chances of transmission from a recently infected mother to the foetus are approximately 15%, but the consequences can be grave (miscarriage, the child may be born with a serious developmental disability, including hydrocephalus or microcephaly). If the mother becomes infected in the third trimester, the risk of mother‑to‑child transmission is of up to 70%, but the consequences tend to be less serious, such as retinitis. The likelihood of mother‑to‑child transmission of toxoplasmosis can be reduced by administration of medicine against acute toxoplasmosis (but not with regular antibiotics).


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